The Best Tips For Keeping Your Pet’s Shedding To A Minimum

Dogs are our pride and joy. No matter the kind of day we’ve had, our pups can help cheer us up with their funny antics and happy-go-lucky personalities. While everyone loves their dog or cat, most people do not enjoy the furry confetti they leave around our house, on our furniture, and even on our nice black dress slacks. Shedding is a constant complaint from many pet owners across the globe, and while some breeds shed less than others — it is still a consistent problem. At Mr. Suzuki’s Pet Care, we know a thing or two about shedding — rather more about how to keep it to a minimum. Keep reading to learn more about the best trips for keeping your furry friend’s fur from taking over your home and shop our professional grooming products today!


Regular Brushing

One of the most effective ways to reduce shedding is to brush your dog regularly. Take your dog's breed, coat type, and length into consideration when picking out a grooming brush and creating a brushing schedule. Even short-haired cats require regular brushing sessions to keep their coats shiny and decrease the amount of shedding. Owners should take into account that during the spring and fall, their pet will need more regular brushing due to the season changing, making it prime shedding time.


Use Tools That Target Shedding

You can also combat shedding with the use of specialty deshedding tools that are specifically designed to remove excess fur from your pet’s coat. This is especially useful for pets with double coats. Not only will your pet’s coat look even better, but there will be less hair around your home!


Bathe Your Pet

In addition to brushing, regular baths can help rid your pet’s coat of dirt and debris that gets trapped in the hair. Not only is this removed during bath time, but also dead hair comes out easier — reducing tangles, mats, and excess shedding. Make sure you are also using the right pet grooming products for their coat type. You should always brush your pet before and after a bath to decrease the amount of loose fur.


Use the Right Products

As mentioned before, using the right products is critical to cutting down on the amount of pet hair around your home. At Mr. Suzuki’s Pet Care, we offer top-of-the-line pet grooming products like our all-natural Canine to Five’s shampoo and conditioner. Our hypo-allergenic dog products help reduce shedding, while also giving your pup a fresh coat as if they just visited a professional grooming salon.

Don’t let your pet’s shedding take over your home! Our all-natural dog products are formulated with only the highest quality of ingredients to keep your pooch happy and healthy. Shop our pet care products today!

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