The Ultimate Guide To Grooming Your Pet At Home

As someone who owns a cat or dog (or both), you know how expensive it can be to take them to a professional groomer each month.

You know it needs to be done for the health and happiness of your pet, but a part of you might think about how you could groom your pet at home. At Mr. Suzuki’s Pet Care, we’re here to help you with your grooming needs, and in this post, we’ll provide a guide on how you can create the ideal setup for bathing, trimming, and grooming your pet.

dog being shampooed

The Right Pet Shampoo and Conditioner

The first step in any grooming situation is to bathe your pet. While your cat may not let you bathe them in the tub, you can find an alternative with our dry pet shampoo. If you’re bathing your dog, you can use our natural pet shampoo and conditioner to keep their skin and coat happy and healthy.

dog getting nails trimmed

Hair and Nail-Trimming Tools

If you’re going to be cutting your pet’s hair, it’s important to invest in a quality trimmer that’s designed for pet hair. You’ll also want pet grooming scissors, along with nail-trimming tools that are meant to cut your dog’s nails with care and precision. There are lots of options out there, so take the time to research and choose the best products.

dog being brushed

Create a Comfortable Space

It’s also important to create a comfortable space where you and your pet can feel at ease while the grooming is taking place. Your dog or cat may not like to be groomed, so you’ll likely have to hold them while you bathe them and cut their hair. It’s often best to set up a separate room for grooming so that your pet is confined to the space without feeling trapped, and so that cleanup is easier once the task is done.

dog wrapped in towel

Towels, Towels, Towels!

Whenever you give your pet a bath, you likely find that you need several towels to dry them off and to keep yourself and the bath area dry. It’s a good idea to purchase some towels solely for the tasks of bathing and grooming your pet, so you don’t have to use your normal household bath towels. Always make sure there are clean towels ready to go before you start grooming.

If you’re ready to start grooming your pets at home, shop online with Mr. Suzuki’s Pet Care today. We have lots of great products!

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