Our Story

Mr. Suzuki’s Pet Care Is An Original Brand From San Diego, CA

Mr. and Mrs. Suzuki moved to the United States from Japan with their two golden retrievers in 2004. Their love for their golden retrievers and their desire to provide them with the best pet care products made Mr. and Mrs. Suzuki changed their careers to become pet care professionals. Mrs. Suzuki trained to become a dog trainer, while Mr. Suzuki gained experience as a dog bather at a grooming salon. With this experience, the Suzukis started Canine to Five, a puppy socialization daycare, in 2009. They also worked hard to select only the best quality pet care products for their clients. After years of trying to always supply their clients with the best, Mr. and Mrs. Suzuki developed their own line of natural, hypoallergenic pet care products from Japan.

Why We’re Named Mr. Suzuki’s Pet Care

The answer is simple! We named our product line after Mr. Suzuki himself because of his work in the dog grooming business. With more than 15 years of experience bathing and grooming dogs, you could say that Mr. Suzuki knows a thing or two about what makes a great grooming product, which is why he and his wife decided to develop their own! Instead of keeping these high-quality products for themselves, Mr. and Mrs. Suzuki decided to share them with everyone so that you can give your canine friend an amazing bath right at home.

Shop Now!

Whether you’re interested in high-quality bathing products for your pooch, you want to sign your dog up for our Canine to Five program, or you have questions about which products are best suited for your pup, we are more than happy to help! Visit Mr. Suzuki’s Pet Care in San Diego or shop online to get your products delivered right to your door.

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Collaboration with Andy Davis

We are so pleasure to work with Andy Davis who is San Diego local artist.